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Title: MASCOT - CLUB - -HEBEI FC  •  Size: 6822



Ying Ying (Chinese meaning:Winwin)is based on Dragon(Chinese traditional mythology),strong belongingness and positive energy. with mighty and powerful, also having the tipical adorable of mascots.

Dragon is one of the most historical, cultural and representative traditional totem of China. In ancient times, the dragon is ancestral apotheoisis and sublimation of the natural force. It is a symbol of spiritual power. In modern times, it is a mascot with outstanding historical and cultural heritage.

Winwin's hair looks like a bunch of red flame,  bring the power of the fire to the team. He is full of passion and couragement.  on the top of the golden horn, two "V" implies the desire to the victory. flamboyant eyebrows and shape eyes show the fortitudinous character and greatambition of chasing winning.

Winwin's clothes chose Chinese red, emblazoned with CFFC badge. According to the different occasions, Winwin will get changed, embody of different roles and have resonation with fans.